Priebus on GOP approach to Obamacare: “I am not advocating for one tactic or the other”

I’m assuming that you’ve heard a little bit of the conversation that preceded you while we got your satellite working. So, talk to me about the influence you think the continuation and the implementation of Obamacare is going have on the 2014 elections. I don’t know if you heard Congressman Clyburn say you’re darn right Democrats are going to campaign on it because folks like it. PRIEBUS: Well, I mean, I think it’s pretty clear that when you have over 30 Democrats voting against the president on funding Obamacare that the real division in any party is on the Democratic side of the aisle, yet, you know, the news media wants to talk about, you know, The republicans debating a tactic as opposed to the fact that you’ve got the most vulnerable – or, excuse me, the most vulnerable Democrats that are running for Senate and the House that are saying, hey, listen, we want to wipe our hands clean of this Obamacare bill that’s a total train wreck and that’s their words, not ours, although we would join in on that chorus, so I think it’s pretty clear. PRIEBUS: I think it’s the tactic that the president is using in delaying the employer’s side is all part about – all about getting some Democrats reelected in 2014 and it’s – I think it’s very obvious that it isn’t a law that people like. I’m in Racine, Wisconsin, and I live in Kenosha, Wisconsin, these are mostly middle-class families that see Obamacare as something that’s very bad for their families and their futures. CROWLEY: On the other hand, you do have the things that Congressman Clyburn talked about that Republicans say they are for which is no lifetime limits on health care, payback from insurance companies, keeping your adult children on your health care until they’re 26 and no such thing as pre-existing conditions.
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Obamacare’s Out-Of-Pocket Caps Waived Until 2015: Forbes

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Uninsured next year? Here’s your Obamacare penalty

obamacare penalties

To progressives, this is the holy grail. But for economically rational individuals, its yet another reason to drop out of the insurance market altogether. For economically rational businesses, its a reason to self-insure, in order to get out from under these costly mandates. Patient groups upset While insurers and premium-payers will be happy with the delaywhose legal justification is dubious once againthere are groups that grumbled. Specifically, groups representing those with chronic diseases, and the pharmaceutical companies whose costly drugs they will use. The American Cancer Society shares the concern about the delay, says Pear, and noted that some new cancer drugs cost $100,000 a year or more. But a big part of the reason those drugs cost so much is because manufacturers know that government-run insurers will pay up.
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