House Republicans Are Pushing An Obamacare Bill That Would Be An Even Bigger Mess Than Repeal

How “easy” is it to repeal Obamacare?

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that drastically more Americans would be able to keep their health insurance. First, insurers arent ready for this change. Bob Laszewski, the president of Health Policy and Strategy Associates and one of the most vocal insurance consultants, outlined this on his blog : Cancellation letters have been sent. Their computer systems took months to program in order to be able to send the letters out and set up the terminations on their systems. Even post-Obamacare, the states regulate the insurance market. The old products are no longer filed for sale and rates are not approved.
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The Heritage Foundation thinks so.”Repealing Obamacare would be easier than repealing Prohibition,” the conservative think tank tweeted . Intrigued, our friends at PolitiFact took a closer look. Prohibition enacted a nationwide ban on alcoholic beverages that lasted 13 years, until it was repealed by the 21st. constitutional amendment. The Heritage claim is based on the fact that changing the Constitution is a much bigger deal than rescinding a law like Obamacare. PolitFact agrees that’s true. The not so simple part comes from the health reform law’s 2,074 pages compared with the three paragraphs that implemented the Prohibition bill.
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