Another Vulnerable Dem Offers Strong Case For Obamacare

During the GOP primary he even ran an ad boasting thathe was solely responsible for stopping that outcome cold. Its widely understood that Tillis role in steering the state in a sharply conservative direction on issues such as voter ID, abortion, andthe safety net means this race will showcase one of the sharpest ideological contrasts of anycontest in the country . Less well understood is that Dems will make the Medicaid expansion a part of that contrast it will be part of the case that Tillis agenda and ideology areterrible for working and middle class Americans. Once again:Dems are already using theMedicaid expansion as an issue, to varying degrees, in multiple Senate races.In Louisiana, Mary Landrieu has made a strong moral and economic case for the Medicaid expansion , claiming Obamacares benefits are worth fighting for and that her Republicanfoesrepeal stance will put himat a distinct disadvantage. In Michigan, Dem Gary Peters has offered a moral case for Obamacare and attacked Republican Terri Land over repeal, challenging her to take a positionon the expansion there.Land refuses to say where she stands. Other Republicans have struggled with this issue. In Arkansas, GOP candidate Tom Cotton has refused to take a position on his states version of the expansion. Todays Arkansas Times has a good piece detailing the waysits already helping people , another reminder that the politics here are dicey. Meanwhile, thehapless Scott Brown whosemain rationale for running for Senate is that Obamacare sucks is still pulling a homina homina homina on the expansion in New Hampshire. From todays Boston Globe, which nails the larger dynamic : He did not directly answer questions from a reporter about whether he supported or opposed the Medicaid expansion.Browns conundrum is emblematic of a tension facing Republicans around the country.
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